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«Join Alternative Inca Trails and enjoy unforgetable experience in the andes.»

You can use the following form to contact Alternative Inca Trails in Cusco, Peru for general information.

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To make a booking, please email us to check availability and receive the booking forms. Or download . blank booking form ( treks) PLEASE NOTE: We think that a number of emails are being caught by spam filters – if you have written to us and you have not received a response, it’s quite likely that the emails are in your spam. (We nearly always respond within 48 hours). Please check! Paypal&How to Make a Booking

To successfully make a booking you must

1. Submit the booking forms.
2. Make your deposit payment. Payment options include: Paypal, and Western Union wire (for Western Union deposits please contact us for details).

Thanks a lot for your interest in booking a Trek or Tour with Alternative Inca Trails. IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest that you spend 2-3 days at altitude before the trekking, in order to be acclimatizing, prepared for your trek. BOOKING CHECKLIST

1. DEPOSIT To confirm your reservation, we need a DOWN PAYMENT OF 50% which can be paid using the methods detailed below. This 50% down payment is NON- REFUNDABLE and payable at the exchange rate of the day. PLEASE NOTE: Your place on the trip is not confirmed until the deposit and all details (such as passport and scans of ISIC cards) have been received. Please email confirmation of your deposit to your travel consultant, to confirmation your trip.


      • Paypal Email address: alternativeincatrailsgmail.com

    IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, you can log on and go to «Send Money».(It does’nt inluded transaction cost of paypal)


    • IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, you can pay us by Western Union.


  • Western Union or bank deposite – Please ask us for details.


  • In case of emergency we take no responsibility if we have been supplied inadequate information.
  • Before you pay your deposit please refer to the GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS regarding our cancellation and refund policy.
  • You can send in the booking form as a word document (unsigned) or as a pdf (signed). Note: If you are unable to scan&email the signature then your payment of a deposit is an acceptance of the terms&conditions on this form.

3. DISCOUNTS (applicable if you have requested a discount)

  • Many trips have child and student discounts. For students your booking (with discount) for the Inca Trail cannot proceed without a scan of your ISIC card. For children, we also need proof of age (passport scan) at time of booking to buy your ticket with a discount.


  • Once we receive your booking form and deposit you will be sent a trek confirmation. (Note: this confirmation may take up to 10 working days).
  • This trek confirmation contains information about your briefing 2 days before your trek at our office in Cusco.


  • The balance of your payment can be paid upon arrival in Cusco (as long as you arrive in Cusco a MINIMUM of 48 hours before your trip’s departure or make prior arrangements with us about an appropriate payment time.).
  • We prefer this amount payable in CASH (Soles or Dollars). There are many centrally located ATMs in Cusco which dispense both currencies. Sorry, we cannot accept ripped, dirty or marked US dollars.
  • We can accept payment via Visa card in our office but add an 8% commission due to Visa fees and other charges.
  • If you wish to pay the balance of the trek fee by bank deposit or Paypal an 8% commission also applies due to the costs incurred by us in receiving this money. You must make the Paypal payment prior to leaving your home country, and the bank transfer should also be done 1 week prior to your departure. Please ask your bank what fees you need to pay to transfer the money because we also pay fees to receive it. Then you should pay your trek balance + 8% commission + bank fees to make the transfer.
  • Please bring your passport and immigration card (Tarjeta Andina) to the briefing, as we may need to take copies of the immigration card for the tax department.
  • If you have asked for an ISIC or SAE discount please bring the original card to your briefing.


    • Our tours are structured so they can leave any day with two people. Some people prefer the solitude and personalised attention of trekking alone and opt for a private tour while others would prefer to trek in a group. These «group tours» start out as just two people but are advertised on the ‘Travellers Dream’ page on our website. As the group grows in size the price per person drops and will be organised at the final briefing in Cusco. The maximum size of our groups is twelve people per group, unless by special arrangement.
    • The list on Travellers Dream does not guarantee that more people will join your trek. Sometimes people join, sometimes they do not – it depends on your luck. However, if you are trekking one of the more common routes (such as Inca Trail, Salkantay, Choquequirao or Choquequirao to Machu Picchu), you are more likely to get others to join.

The final price for your tour is based on the final number of treks that depart on the trek.

  • PRIVATE TOUR – If you are just two people and you wish to have a ‘PRIVATE TOUR’ there will be a surcharge of $60 (that is, $30 each). If you have three or more in your group and wish to have a private tour you will not need to pay this surcharge. If you are just two people and you advertise on Travellers Dream and your tour does not attract any extra trekkers, you do not have to pay the surcharge.


  • If you wish to climb Huayna Picchu you need to advise us at the time of booking as spaces are limited to 400 and sell out quickly. The cost is $10 extra, except in the case of Inca Trail clients who have to repurchase Machu Picchu entry for a second day ($60 including Huayna Picchu)
  • Porters (Inca trail only) MUST be reserved at the time of booking as they need a permit, which are limited to 500 per day.
  • Extra mules or riding horses (all other treks) need to be confirmed one week in advance to departure. All other items can be reserved as late as your pre-trek briefing.
  • Llamas – $28 per day. (Lares or Ausangate only) Llamas are the «Inca beast of burden» but can only carry around 7kg, and will only walk in groups of 3-4, as well as needing their own «llamero» (llama driver). If you wish to have llamas accompany you on this trip, the fixed price pays for a small group of 3-4 and a llama driver.
  • REMEMBER! Included in the price of your tour is 7kg (15lbs) of your luggage carried either by a porter or a mule. This is adequate for the normal trekker.
  • When calculating costs for hire gear such as a walking stick or sleeping bag, calculate using the length of the tour. Even though you won’t use the equipment on the final day it will still be ‘occupied.’
  • When making your booking please carefully revise the list of inclusions specific to your tour on the Alternative Inca Trails website and contact us immediately if you require clarification.


  • Included in the price of your tour is the Expedition train service from Machu Picchu Town to Ollantaytambo. In Ollantaytambo you will be picked up and transferred back to Cusco. If you choose not to utilise the transfer on the day of your return from Machu Picchu Town (stay a night in Ollantaytambo), then you waive your right to this service. You normally arrive in Cusco approximately 4 hours after departure.
  • You can advise us of your preference for trains, but we cannot guarantee that we will get your preference, as at times trains are booked out well in advance. (The earlier you’re booking the more likely we are to get your preferred timetable.)
  • Vistadome trains are more comfortable than the backpacker service, serve a snack and have a much more varied timetable. The upgrade costs an extra $30 per person.