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Alternative City Tour 1D


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Highlight: The local market path to Antisuyo, which starts at the main square, as well as the Monkey Temple, the Temple of the Moon, and Tambillo

Location: Cusco city and the immediate area.

Duration: One day.

Level: Easy

Adventure Rating:  A good alternative to the typical tourist city tour.

Departure Dates: Any day with two people. We offer affordably-priced tours for 2 people so that you can depart on the date that suits you.

Combos & Upgrades: Combine with one of our treks to explore more of Cusco and enrich your experience, and get a discount off your trek price.


Walk on the Inca paths that the pilgrims of Antisuyo used to come to Cusco and passing many wakas (temples) where you don’t need to pay any entrance fee. In addition you will get an explanation of medicinal and traditional uses of plants seen along the way.


Visiting this local market you will appreciate how interesting the local markets are. You will find a diverse range of foods, like vegetables, many varieties of potatoes, fruits, cheese, meat and juices. You will also see some curious activities that the people do and other things they sell. Finally you can enjoy buying things cheaper here.

CUSICANCHA (optional)

If you are interested to know about the urban plans of the Incas this is one of the places that you have to see. Also there is Cusi, a nice alpaca that will be at the entrance to greet you. She loves candies. You will also find two vicunas who will want to spit on you but they are lovely.


This is the name that the people in colonial times gave this site. The original name has been lost in the mists of time. It’s a curious rocky formation where you will see carving of monkeys, the heart of Pachamama and other details.


This is a small, rocky, mountain dwelling of Amaro Topa Inka that the people know as a moon temple. The whole place was called Amaru Marcahuasi and the moon temple is specifically a huge, shaped cavern decorated with carvings of the sacred animals of the Incas, like the snake, puma and condor. Inside Amaru Markahuasi there is another huge cavern which is the temple of the sun. Unfortunately the entrance to this caverns is restricted but it is still a really magical place. This site was also an important astronomical place for the Incas


Another archaeological site with constructions used for storage and places were the Incas kept mummies.  After leaving this place, on the way back, you will see a small Inca cemetery. Finally we will catch a local bus back to downtown Cusco.

Itinerary notes:

  • Walking time on each archaeological site will depend how the group goes and the guide can change thinks depending on the progress of the group.
  • Our program is subject to change, because of the weather conditions or any other unexpected circumstances.


What’s included

  • Professional tour guide English Spanish and Quechua speaker
  • Collection from your Hotel

What’s is not included

  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Entrance fees or Boleto Turistico
  • Gratuities


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Packing List

Thinks you should bring
  • Your tourist ticked
  • A light day bag pack to carry your staff
  • Money to buy somethink on the way, tips
  • Rain poncho
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses

The season in the Andes is very changeable, you can experience in one day all the seasons. So you should be prepared for any eventuality.


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